Successful Dog Training


This class is for Puppies 9 - 16 weeks old.

Enroll your puppy right away to our open enrollment +R puppy training class. No more lost socialization time!

If there’s room, students can start their 6-week course anytime. That means no more waiting for a next set of classes to start and no more lost opportunities for you and your puppy.

Actively guided play, real life-based exercises, and new pups and people joining each week give puppies a rich array of socialization experiences during and outside of class.

Let’s set you and your puppy up for success, and a lifetime of enjoyable and fun companionship.

Behaviours include:

Leave it
Loose leash walking

Training concepts & skills include:

Basic learning theory
Life rewards
Fading the lure
Reward removal
Criteria setting
Problem solving
Proofing / handling distraction
Getting & keeping focus
Rate of reinforcement
Use of voice & body

Socialization & problem prevention includes:

Appropriate play skills
House training
Puppy biting
Resource guarding
Household noises
OS Puppy Passports

After attending our Puppy Class, you will be able to:

- Confidently supervise your puppy’s interactions and play with fellow canines
- Help your puppy enjoy positive vet and grooming experiences
- Prepare and enjoy meals without puppy underfoot
- Receive visitors who marvel at your pup’s good behavior
- Take peaceful, uneventful walks through their neighborhood or park
- Enjoy their puppy’s company on errands or taking a break at the coffee shop
- Work from home, read email, or enjoy a movie while their puppy self-soothes


My new puppy Stella will be doing puppy classes starting in the new year and I can't wait for this new journey with her.
Jamie with Stella

Next Puppy class starting:

Saturdays at 10am (no classes Saturday April 15, April 29)
Classes are running for six weeks after starting date, one hour per week.
This is an open enrollment class.

Price: $150


This class is providing all the basics in manners / obedience training for dogs of any age.

Our Basic LifeSkills Class is a great fit for puppies four months and older and is the perfect start in training your dog to become a well mannered companion.

In our fun and game based training lessons we build up your dog’s confidence, focus and calmness with positive reward-based methods.

Your dog will learn how to walk on a loose leash and how to follow off leash, to focus, sit, Lay down, stand and stay, leave it, how to settle on its bed and to come when called. We will continue on working real world socializing tasks from puppy class like Vet visit, Groomer, Visitors at home, meeting people and dogs on walk and much more.

Dog training is a life-long process. Remember, practice makes perfect!


I enrolled my Australian Labradoodle Poppy in both the Puppy Kindergarten as well as the Basic Life-skills with Crazy Jumpers.
Patricia was patient with both Poppy and I as we worked on each of the key elements that really helped build the fountain for the Basic Life Skills course.
I rely on this training daily despite Poppy being 30 months old and some days she is a rock star other days no so much but we keep working at it!
Patricia has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help in any way she can.
I would strongly encourage new puppy owners and even seasoned owners to check out Crazy Jumpers!
Sandy N. with Poppy

Next Basic LifeSkills class starting:

Thursday, April 27 2023 at 6:30pm

Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150


This class is designed for people who would like to continue working with their dogs and/or preparing their dog for the Canine Good Neighbour CGN Test from the Canadian Kennel Club CKC. And if you are not interested in taking the test, you are for sure teaching your dog some essential skills for being a good neighbour.

In this class we are working on the 12 tasks from the Canine Good Neighbour program as well as continuing to work on the exercises and games learned in the Basic LifeSklills class.

1. Accepting A Friendly Stranger
2. Politely Accepts Petting
3. Appearance and Grooming
4. Out For A Walk
5. Walking Through A Crowd
6. Sit/Down On Command and Stay In Place

7. Come When Called
8. Praise/Interaction
9. Reaction To A Passing Dog
10. Reaction To Distractions
11. Supervised Isolation
12. Walking Through A Door/Gate

If you are interested in learning more about the CKC Canine Good Neighbour Test, here is the LINK
Crazy Jumpers is hosting a CGN Test once a year if there is enough interest.

Keep up the good work with your dog and create a wonderful companion and good neighbour dog.


Crazy Jumpers has been a wonderful experience for both myself & my dog Max.
We started out in puppy class where socializing with others was such an important part of his early development.
For over 6 years we were part of The Friday Family Class. Not only did I make wonderful friends, but Max learned so many skills as well as becoming quite the "ladies man"
Patricia teaches in a loving force free environment that combines basic skills as well as lots of fun activities to keep your dog alert & active…
I highly recommend Crazy Jumpers for your family pet…
Arleen K. with Max

Next Advanced LifeSkills / CGN class starting:

no class at this point
Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150

Out and About

Our Out and About class is held from Spring to Fall and is what it's promising in the name - we go out and about.

We meet in Gimli, perform group exercises in the park or go for a walk in town, along the lake and out on the pier. These sessions will give you and your dog guided how-to experience in keeping that focus and remaining calm in all kinds of distractions like working next to a playground full of kids, passing kids in strollers or on scooters, people with other dogs or just some random tourist that wants to meet and greet.

This is an ideal class for a bit more advanced dogs with over-arousal or mild reactivity struggles when in public, or if you are preparing your dog for the Canine Good Neighbour Test or the Therapy Dog Program.

An amazing class to create a better life for you and your dog.


I was tired of my stress going down the leash causing my dog to be reactive toward other dogs.
The “out and about class” was the perfect solution. The class was held in progressively busier places from Gimli Park to the Marina and Centre Street which meant more planned and unplanned distractions were introduced weekly.
Through play-based training in these situations, my dog and I created a closer connection. The classes helped me learn to relax, to get my dog to focus on me, to build a stronger bond and ultimately made walks around town more pleasant.
Patricia’s training methods are not “one size fits all.” She works with the owner, the dog, and their shared problems in a very individualized manner.
I would recommend this class to anyone with a reactive dog. Just remember – you’ve got to put in the work to get the result!
Our result: we worked hard, and my dog was certified a Canine Good Neighbour on passing the CKC examination of the same name.
Muriel with Skootch

Next Out and About class starting:

sometime in Spring ...

Classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.

Price: $150

Terms and Conditions

Our group classes are running for six weeks, one hour per week.
Payment is due at registration.
Cancellation of your class spot more than 24 hours notice before the first lesson is eligible for 85% refund (15% administration fee).
No refunds issued if you cancel your spot shorter than 24 hours or after class started.
Should a class get cancelled due to the weather we will add one more class to the end of the session.
No refund for missed lessons.

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