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Crazy Jumpers Dog School & Boarding maintains one of the most comfortable and interactive Dog Boarding Facilities in the Interlake. Your pup will have the greatest time in a fun and safe environment away from home.

Change in Vaccination Policy
Bordatella / Kennel Cough Vaccine

Due to the current large transmission of the highly contageous Kennel Cough in Winnipeg and in the Interlake, the Bordatella vaccination will be mandatory for a stay in our Daycare and Boarding facility. As of immediate Crazy Jumpers Dog School & Boarding will ask for proof of Bordatella vaccination and it should be done two weeks prior to the dogs visit with us.
Thank you for understanding.



Going away for a whole day is no longer a problem! Bring your dog to Daycare in the morning and pick him up in the evening. **

Your dog will have a wonderful time with large outdoor play yards and multi-dog playgroups based on activity level to burn off some extra energy and to "just be dogs".

We can also provide boarding services to dogs who don't enjoy the company of other dogs - with individual activities and walks.

And if they need to stay over night - fine, then it turns into boarding.

** due to limited boarding space our day-care spots are very limited.
Our daycare dogs stay in a boarding room like the other boarding dogs and go out with dogs that we think are a good match.
They do NOT spend the whole day in one big room with other dogs, as we don't have that extra person supervising and we believe this is very stressful for some dogs.


We are offering 11 luxurious and large rooms in different sizes to board 1-3 dogs in each room, depending on the dog’s sizes. So if you own more then one dog, they can stay together in the same room.

Our boarding dogs enjoy staying in their separate rooms for resting, eating and overnight. They also like playing with other boarding guests as well as our own pack.

We can also provide boarding services to dogs who don't enjoy the company of other dogs - with individual activities and walks.

If the weather is warm they can spend a lot of time outside, playing with other dogs, swimming in the pond or napping in the shade. Inbetween we will bring them back into their rooms for resting and some private time.


Pick up and drop off time by appointment only. Daily from 7:30am - 6:00pm.
Please be on time, we have a very busy schedule with walking/playing/training with dogs, feeding, doing chores and teaching classes. Unexpected visits will interrupt our schedule.

New: We are now accepting Debit or Credit card payments with Square.
Payment by cash, cheque or etransfer to
A deposit of 50% is required to reserve your booking.
48 hours notice of a cancellation is required to receive a refund.

Surveillance cameras in all rooms and outdoors